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Meet our classic cubic bag.

Cubic bag - everything you need to know


If you ride by motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle, you might think about getting a larger food delivery bag that can hold more meals and beverages. It's also crucial that it is a waterproof backpack that you can easily carry on your bike or motorcycle. The traditional cubic-shaped delivery bag is the ideal instrument for this purpose to transport restaurant-caliber food to clients' homes. It is durable and powerful, and it always maintains its shape. extremely robust, made to last, and intended for regular usage. Since it is a fully foldable design, it can practically be stored in your home when not in use.


Front loading bag

Thermal food delivery bags are designed to carry cans, bottles, sandwiches, food pans, and pizzas with ease. Front loading insulated food delivery bags are most often associated with pizza delivery bags, which allow products, for this model the 16” pizzas to be slid into the bag from the front. Besides this cubic-shaped bag is perfect to transport vertically the stacked products and use a movable separator tray and cup holder for separating the meals.

 Lightweight material

For a bike or motorbike courier, it is important to have a lightweight, insulated food delivery backpack, which eases the everyday job.

 Back padding and straps with buckles

The cubic backpack has a breathable, comfortable wearing extra soft back and shoulder padding to distribute the weight of the food delivery bag. It also has strengthened straps with buckles to fasten the backpack around the waist for weight compensation.

 Strong top handle

Strong, strengthened top handle important for securing the delivery bag and made comfortable carrying also for heavy loads.

Reflective stripes

There are reflective stripes on the straps and sides of the backpack. It is very important that the bike or scooter courier has more visibility and security during the delivery trip.

Outside pockets on the sides
It is a perfect solution for the courier's own small items which may be needed during the work, such as small bottles, snacks, power banks, etc.

Thick, water-resistant exterior

The food delivery cubic bag features a classic black color and a durable, water-repellent Tarpaulin 500D exterior that provides outstanding durability through heavy uses, cleanings, and during all weather conditions, from the sun to rain to snow. Deliveries by a motorbike, a scooter, or a bike may benefit from a more specialized bag to protect food from movement and weather conditions. A waterproof bag ensures that water does not get into the bag just in case it starts raining. 

 Insulated interior

Some foods are best when served hot. Thanks to the heat-reflective aluminium foil and this thermal food carrier's insulation -the PE foam insulation between the outer layer and inner lining, acting to reduce heat conduction -, your food will retain the proper temperature as you travel to or from the venue.

PP boards and footers

PP boards on the sides, and the hardboard bottom help ensure stability when delivery bags are being carried.

 Easily cleanable for hygienic deliveries

You should choose delivery bags that are made of materials that don’t absorb spills and are easy to clean right on the spot. These delivery bags' Tarpaulin 500D exterior and the aluminium foil interior are easy to clean with just a bit of hot water and soap.

Secure the food inside

Strong stitched zippers to ensure that food items remain securely packed inside and the proper temperatures can be maintained inside the delivery bag. There are also pullers on zippers for smooth handling.

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