Rocket Cubic Bag

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The classic cubic-shaped bag is a perfect tool for scooter- and bike couriers.


  • CLASSIC CUBIC-SHAPED BAG. The classic cubic-shaped thermal bag is a perfect tool for scooter- and bike couriers. It’s strong and sturdy and keeps its shape no matter what. 
  • HOT OR COLD? WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! This thermal insulated bag ensures that hot & cold food keeps its temperature, even in the same delivery. 
  • REFLECTIVE COLOUR HELPS TO KEEP YOU SAFE. The reflective colour of the bag provides high visibility for yourself in different conditions (like rain, fog etc.) and after dark. 
  • FOR ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS. Delivering food is a tough job, especially with the rain. Make things a little easier on yourself with Boolanga's 100% water-repellent delivery backpack, perfect for rainy days. 
  • EASE THE STRAIN ON YOUR BACK. Stop worrying about your back hurting from lugging heavy food containers. Adjustable padded shoulder straps distribute the weight more evenly and securely to ensure high wearing comfort - especially on longer trips. 
  • DESIGNED FOR COMMERCIAL USE. Our delivery bags are ideal for commercial use, e.g. for restaurants, for couriers (as an Uber Eats Delivery Bag, Deliveroo Bag, Just Eat Bag and many more), as a family-friendly food bag, as a catering bag - the perfect accessory for any occasion.


  • Puller on zippers for smooth handling. 
  • 5 footers 
  • Vertically movable seperator tray



  • Outer: Tarpaulin 500D, 100% water resistant, easily cleanable
  • Inner: heat reflective aluminium foil
  • Inside: EP Foam and PP Board



  • 42cm width x 42cm depth x 50cm height (up to 10x 16” pizzas)