At Boolanga,
we dare to stand up

We challenge the status quo and change the way how couriers deliver.💡


Our history started back in 2016. Until today, we’ve designed and manufactured over 500K pieces of food delivery equipment, delivered over 300K pieces of delivery gear to the doorsteps of delivery riders, and empowered more than 30 food delivery businesses along the way.

  Our culture

At Boolanga, our mission is to empower delivery riders to fulfill good moments. As individuals, we thrive amidst bright minds, love innovative ideas, and develop ourselves day by day.

As a team, we are working hard, but we are also making sure that nobody burns out. One of our key strengths is agility, and we respect everyone’s personal life and free time.

Alexander Pichkur

Digital Marketing Specialist

Helmi Aouali

Senior IT Project Manager

Marton Dimeny

Senior Logistics Specialist

Sara Ataebi

Senior e-Commerce Specialist

Alexia Nolli

Senior Product Designer

James Mew

e-Commerce Lead

Ivar Leimbach

Key Account Manager

Stephan Soroka

Business Development Lead

Attila Sowunmi

Key Account Manager

Krisztina Gecse

B2C Project Manager

Peter Nagy

Key Account Manager

Szonja Schulteisz

Customer Support Specialist

Elena Garcia

Director of Operations

Madina Boulfiza

Key Account Manager

Peter Tailor

Account Management Lead

Zsofia Szilagyi

HR and Brand Manager

Our team of food delivery experts is all about results.

We value

We are emphasizing the power of meaningful human connections and nurturing relationships rooted in empathy and respect.


We are upholding integrity through transparency, authenticity and reliability.


We are demonstrating perseverance in the face of challenges.


We are commiting to continuous development as a fundamental value, embracing internal motivation for personal and professional growth.

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