The future of food delivery

Deliveroo just published their Snack to the Future reports about the future of food delivery.

Hey there, dear delivery drivers!

Have you ever wondered what will food delivery look like in the future? 

In order to provide a forward-looking view into the impending gastronomic revolution, Deliveroo has put together the SNACK TO THE FUTURE study, which
brings together top futurists and specialists from the fields of food, science, technology, and innovation.

The analysis identified significant changes in consumer tastes and technology developments that will affect the food industry by 2040. According to the report the key trends about food delivery will be:

- Me-ganism: In the future, there will be a big possibility to hyper-personalize the food that people order. That is the potential we have with developing technologies since the majority of food delivery applications now don't communicate to customers in a way that indicates they know them well enough. We should concentrate on aspects of food delivery and enjoyment that won't change when considering the future. People will demand meals that are prepared according to their requirements, their budget, and are delivered whenever and wherever they like.

- Foodgasms: By 2040, eating will be a completely immersive experience. As a result, food delivery services like Deliveroo may leverage experiential formats like augmented visuals, music, and packaging to enhance the meal satisfaction of their customers as part of their delivery orders.

You can access the full report here:

What's your view on the report? How do you envision food delivery in the future?

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