Delivery Rider Essentials

Personal items to bring on a long working day as a food delivery courier.

Hello there, dear food delivery riders! 

While some of you might be pros at food delivery at this point, there's a segment of you who just started delivering and might not need some tips and tricks. Worry no more, we've got you covered!

 While it is obvious that you're bringing your food delivery bag for a day full of work, you should not forget about a few personal items either. Based on our experience the most essential personal items to bring for a day full of deliveries are the following:

1. Sunglasses - Food delivery workers should bring sunglasses for work to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays and glare while driving or biking during the day. Additionally, sunglasses can reduce glare and improve visibility, which is especially important for food delivery workers who need to read addresses and navigate through traffic safely.

2. Mobile phone - Mobile phones can be used to access food delivery apps, which make the job easier and more efficient. Mobile phones allow for real-time communication with customers and restaurants, which can help to resolve any issues that may arise during the delivery process. Additionally, mobile phones can be used for navigation, which can help delivery persons to find their way to the delivery location more easily.

3. Bottle of water - Staying hydrated is important for overall health and can help to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion, especially during the hot summer months. Secondly, having a bottle of water on hand can help to save time and increase efficiency, as delivery persons can avoid having to make additional stops to purchase drinks. Additionally, bringing a bottle of water can be more cost-effective than purchasing drinks on the go.

4. Power bank - Food delivery persons should bring a power bank for work because their mobile phones are essential tools for their job, and they need to keep their phones charged to ensure they can communicate with customers and restaurants, access food delivery apps, and use navigation tools. Since food delivery persons are often on the go, they may not have access to a power source throughout the day, which is where a power bank can come in handy. A power bank can provide a portable and convenient way for delivery persons to keep their phones charged and ensure they can complete their deliveries efficiently.

5. First aid kit - Food delivery persons should bring a first aid kit for work because accidents and injuries can happen while on the job, and having a well-stocked first aid kit can help them respond to these situations quickly and effectively.

If you bring these 5 personal items for work, you should be up for a great day, ready to take on any challenges. 

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