Fed-up Americans are now giving less tips - with restaurants and food delivery firms reporting the largest decreases

According to a new study, two-thirds of Americans dislike tipping and are becoming 'stingier'.

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We hope you've had a great start of the week! In this week's article of The Delivery Digest, we thought we'd share an interesting article on the changing tipping culture of American customers.

According to a new study, two-thirds of Americans dislike tipping and are becoming 'stingier' with tips on a variety of ordinary services.


According to a Bankrate poll of 2,500 individuals, buyers are tipping less for eating out, cabs, food delivery, haircuts, and even their morning coffee.

Thirty percent of individuals believe tipping culture has grown out of hand as reminders for gratuities have spread beyond pubs and restaurants to supermarkets, takeaway chains, and even self-service machines.


The drop in tipping coincides with the introduction of pre-entered tip screens at check-outs, which experts believe is 'certainly adding to Americans' displeasure with tipping.' During the epidemic, when retailers were unwilling to accept cash and needed a quick and easy digital replacement, such screens were increasingly popular.

According to the poll, from 77 percent in 2019 to 65 percent in 2023, the percentage of diners who consistently tip waiters at sit-down restaurants has decreased by 12 percent. 


Tip creep also became widespread, which refers to requests for tips for services that traditionally don't call for them. There were tip requests at self-checkout machines and when booking travel online. As a result, people are saying enough is enough. 


The Gen Z generation is the weakest at leaving a tip after a meal; only 35% of them claim to always do so, compared to 83% of boomers. 


The percentage of consumers who consistently tip food delivery drivers have also significantly decreased to barely 50% from 63 percent four years prior.

What is your opinion on customers giving fewer tips? Is this something you have noticed during your own work?


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